Trends in Weather Data

Uses HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to visualize weather metrics in relation to latitude.

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Simple HTML structure and Python table conversion to HTML

Bootstrap-based navigation bar

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                        <a class="dropdown-item" href="maxtemp.html">vs. Max Temp</a>
                        <a class="dropdown-item" href="humidity.html">vs. Humidity</a>
                        <a class="dropdown-item" href="cloudiness.html">vs. Cloudiness</a>
                        <a class="dropdown-item" href="windiness.html">vs. Windiness</a>
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                    <a class="nav-link" href="comparison.html">Comparison <span class="sr-only">(current)</span></a>
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Simple Embedded Analyses

Humidity percentages indicate high humidity for a plurality of the data points on the date of collection. In terms of patterns, the high density of 100% scores seems only to reveal places where rain was reported. Otherwise, the latitudinal differences are ‘blobby,’ meaning that there is no clear pattern. A relatively high density of high humidity in the 50 to 60 degree latitudes and in the 0 to -15 latitudes might be worth further investigation.