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SUMMARY: Programmer with significant research experience, adaptable skills in Javascript and Python. Superior writing, editing, and communication skills. Expertise in project leadership and management, translation of field-specific data for lay audiences. Completed certificate in data analysis and visualization.



Professor 2015 – present | Associate Professor (with tenure) 2010 – 2015

Data visualization scholarship | Innovative instructor and mentor | Interdisciplinary researcher | Department chair


Javascript, Python, SQL, NoSQL, Flask, D3, Pandas, Leaflet, Tableau, HTML, CSS, VBA, Postgres, MongoDB


Health Data by State |

  • Summary: Visualizes demographic factors in health outcomes by U.S. state
  • Tools: Javascript (with D3.js), HTML and CSS to represent data.

Interactive Experiment Dashboard |

  • Summary: Visualizes data from an experiment on bacteria presence on human subjects
  • Tools: Javascript (with D3.js and Plotly), HTML and CSS to represent data.

Earthquake Data Mapping |

  • Summary: Automaps recent earthquake data from the United States Geological Society
  • Tools: Leaflet, Javascript (with D3.js), HTML and CSS to represent data.

UFO Sightings |

  • Summary: searchable database with multiple search parameter filters
  • Tools: Javascript, HTML, CSS to represent UFO data

Covid 19 Vaccine Data |

  • Summary: Extracts, Transforms, and Loads Spring 2021 Covid vaccine distribution data
  • Tools: Postgres, HTML, CSS, and Python to represent recent vaccine data.
  • Tools: Python (Pandas, Matplotlib)

Financial Data Analysis |

  • Summary: Analyzes, summarizes, and represents a complex data set automatically
  • Tools: Excel, VBA

Database planning, importing, and analysis |

  • Summary: generates and analyzes database from given data.
  • Tools: Postgres, SQL

Machine Learning |

Summary: creates and tunes several models for predicting the existence of exoplanets.

Tools: Python

Visualizing NY City Bike Patterns During a Pandemic

  • Summary: analyzes demographic and business model data during the pandemic
  • Tools: Tableau


Certificate in Data Visualization: UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA

Doctor of Philosophy, English Literature: INDIANA UNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE