Other Projects

Tableau Project

Uses a tableau story to offer an analysis of ride data on NYC’s Citibikes during the early pandemic

Tableau Project: Analyzing Citibike NYC Ride Data During the Early Pandemic

Collaborative Machine Learning Project

Analyzes recent housing data in Florida and predicts advantageous times to sell property in different zip codes. Python-based using a variety of machine learning libraries and algorithms.

Github Repository

Web Scraping Project

Uses python, flask, beautiful soup, splinter and html to create an automatically updating web page with scraped information from several sources.

Github Repository

Collaborative Whale Sightings Visualization and Data Storytelling Project

Github Repository

This site visualizes data on Orcas from the Whale Museum, offers an educational module, and deploys it using Flask and Heroku.

First comes the educational module, then an interactive map of sightings, and finally a simple analytical chart.