About Me

Who am I?

Experienced researcher with up-to-date skills in programming, data visualization and analytics. Data-based storyteller and dynamic thinker with deep research experience in diverse fields. Attention to detail, voracious appetite for learning, and highly professional writing, editing, and communication skills. Team player committed to the power of inclusive, diverse collaborations who works well with constituents throughout a university setting. Strengths include outstanding soft skills, rigorous analytic acumen, and adaptability to evolving software and project requirements.

Technical Proficiencies

I have a certificate in Data Analytics and Visualization from UCF/2U (June 2021). In this program, I worked extensively with SQL, noSQL, Javascript, Apache server and big data technologies, and other software applications to develop the sample projects on this portfolio site. This site was designed in WordPress using the popular Activello theme. I have significant experience with HTML, CSS, and other web design technologies.

Domain Knowledge and Experience

I got my start in programming several years ago, when I worked with a computer science professor and several CS and English students to design an ongoing digital humanities project on the Booker Prize in fiction. This project employed MariaDB, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I became interested in the power of effective visualizations to tell stories about big trends quickly and interactively.

More generally, as an English faculty member I have extensive experience with the editing process, and with the importance strong design and communication play in making ideas accessible, dynamic, and indispensable for the constituencies I serve.


I live in Oviedo, Florida with my dazzling novelist-poet partner, two amazing teenagers, and an elderly dog who smiles when petted and howls when she has the blues. I swim, run, read, and hope to get back to travelling.

Thanks for reading!